Sleep smarter, live better



Sleepwise transforms any environment into your personal sleeping environment.

This innovative platform marries science and technology to monitor your sleep and modify your surroundings so that you can sleep smarter and live better.


Sleepwise has one wearable and one bedside sensors monitor your biorhythms while you sleep. When in use, the sensor separates into two units.
A part of your home
  • During the night, the Sleepwise sensors monitor your breathing, temperature and movement to determine if you’re sleeping well. If not, the Sleepwise algorithm recalibrates connected devices to increase your comfort.

  • When two Sleepwise devices connect with each other, your room will operate with smart zoning functionalities. Your bedside lights, heating mattress and smart airconditioners will adjust accordingly to ensure maximum comfort for both of you.

  • Every night, Sleepwise adjusts the lights, humidity and temperature of your room to promote relaxation. Once you attach the sensor to your PJs, the lights slowly dim as you drift to sleep.

Wherever you go,
Sleepwise goes too.

Sleepwise will partner with hotels around the globe so that wherever you go, you can maintain the comforts of your home.

The sensors and base are small enough to take with you when travelling away from home. Your ideal sleeping environment can come with when you on your travels, connecting Sleepwise to participating hotel properties. Connect Sleepwise at check-in and the connected room devices will automatically adjust to your preferred comfort settings.


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Modern design, inspired by river stones

Sleepwise is a graceful object that brings beautiful to any room.

Perfect integration

The Sleepwise unit separates into a base unit and wearable module when in use.

Comfort meets function

The base unit remains on a night stand where it monitors your breathing patterns and ambient room measurements like humidity, air pollution, and temperature.

Soft on the skin

The wearable module is coated in a soft silicon and can be attached comfortably to pyjamas or inside the bedding to track your movement and temperature.


The Sleepwise app doesn’t just record sleep, it learns about how you sleep. It continuously updates your smart sleeper profile to make better choices, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible. By wearing the module every night, Sleepwise learns your biorhythms to ensure you go to sleep and wake up comfortably everyday.


Sleepwise is made possible by a team of Parsons students, in collaboration with Panasonic GameChanger Catapult.

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